The Project To Delete The Zero's
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Thread: The Project To Delete The Zero's

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    The Project To Delete The Zero's

    Help me out here Dinarians, am I mistaking in thinking that this project to delete the zeros is a bad thing, isn't that a LOP and no profit for Dinar holders. A central bank would never give advanced notice for an upward revaluation of their currency , but they would give advanced notice for a LOP , look up online currency revaluation V's a redenomination and it spells it out just like that. So why are Dinarians thinking that this project to delete the zeros announcement is a good thing? am I missing something here??????????? Thank you Dinar updates.

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    Re: The Project To Delete The Zero's

    Dinarians think the delete the zeros project is a good thing because dinar gurus who make their living selling ad space on pro-rv websites keep telling them it's a good thing. Most dinarians aren't going to search out any truths for themselves. Deep down they already know the truth but don't want to have it validated. Look at yourself. You're a perfect example of this. You've spent the ten minutes it takes to google it. You've found that the truth doesn't match up to what the gurus have been feeding you. Yet here you are, asking for someone to help you understand. You won't accept that you've been a victim of dinar guru rv hyperbole all of this time.
    Nobody is ever going to come on here and give you a factual response that addresses how or why this pro-rv con job is going to work the way the gurus say it is. I know it, they know it, and you know it. Why keep returning to an empty well time and time again?
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    Re: The Project To Delete The Zero's

    Did you notice how your response to my reply post went missing Baron? Some went missing in another thread I responded to as well. The entire thread was deleted in another where I pointed out what appeared to be intentional attempts at manipulation of the forum.
    You hoped for a pro-rv response, well there it is lol.

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    Re: The Project To Delete The Zero's

    The gurus here bring up the "project to delete the zeros" on a near daily basis and portray it as if it's some imminent revelation of impending riches soon to be had by currency holders. What's new about that? They've been making the same ridiculous statements about it for years, and yet no currency holder has ever made a single penny from it. In fact most have lost money on it. These same gurus claim delete the zeros means bringing the big bills in off the streets. That's a patently false explanation and they well know it. Their reason? It's the only mumbo jumbo they can come up with that keeps their false narrative alive so they can continue making money from advertisers on their website. Ten minutes worth of Google research completely destroys the entire guru myth. It wasn't difficult at all was it Baron? Congratulations to you for finally investing the ten minutes required to learn the truth and get your life back.
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