Mahma MP Khalil al-Maliki to send artillery battalion to Kirkuk raises question marks
Posted 06/05/2012 05:37 AM

BAGHDAD - "squares of liberation"
effects is the prime minister the leader of the armed forces, Nouri al-Maliki to move artillery battalion stationed in the area of Mahmudiyah, south west of the capital Baghdad and the trend towards the province of Kirkuk, concern "Kurdish Alliance", with live country a political crisis, as evidenced by the relationship between Baghdad and Erbil significant tension.
In this context, the MP for the Alliance Mahma Khelil said "sending military units to the areas covered by Article 140 violates the agreement between the federal government and the province," explaining, "There is an agreement between Baghdad and Erbil provides news Coordinating Committee between the federal government and the province on the move military units. "

He Khalil was surprised at "the issuance of Maliki ordered a battalion, an artillery of one of the disputed areas, under the pretext of protection of a specific destination, and we consider it appropriate to be in other places suffer disorders security," noting that "the issuance of the matter at this time an attempt to divert attention away from the Disclaimer government commitment to the Convention on Arbil, and the implementation of paper Kurdish demands, and the trend towards national conference was held to contain the political crisis. "
The presence of military forces in the disputed areas, especially in the provinces of Kirkuk, Diyala and Nineveh of contentious issues between the federal government and the Kurdistan region.