Atrushi: Maliki waiting aircraft (F16) to attack the Kurds
06/05/2012 14:27:23
BAGHDAD (Iba) .. The MP said the Kurdistan Alliance Farhad Atrushi that Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki explained in more than one place during a meeting with military leaders that he expected the aircraft to the liquidation of Erbil and Resort Salah al-Din of the Kurds when he was military leaders suggest it to attack the Kurdish areas. agency quoted (Euphrates News) for Atrushi that al-Maliki always respond to the proposals of the military leadership waiting for the air force of any aircraft (F16), indicating that their movements are evident in a lot of issues, including stripped powers of the Chief of Army Staff Babiker Zebari, in addition to reducing the number of officers of the Kurds in the Iraqi army. He that al-Maliki is trying to control the intelligence service and other security services on the grounds that the Kurds have their money in the province, there is no reason for their presence in Baghdad and other governorates. He Atrushi that there are suspicious movements by some Orabi block certain political people who are hostile to the Kurds in the disputed areas, revealing that there is a deputy of Kirkuk, working in secret with the rest of the House of Representatives to remove the Kurds from Kirkuk in order to be free for him alone. He explained that the associated equipment, the Kurds have become visible, and wished in sustenance himself that he would not reach this Almaadat to this extent because everyone will lose in the end . (end)