Kaperoni weighs in on LOP and Dr. Bekri paper

Over the years, there has been several Iraqi Economists, or Parliament or from the CBI directly that have confirmed the plan. The very plan that Dr. Shabibi and Dr. Fadel wrote in 2006. These comments over the past 5 years have never wavered from this original plan therefore I can say with certainty, the plan has not changed. Now what is this plan?

The plan is a re-denomination of sorts if you want to call it that. It is the transition from a larger set of currency notes (3 zeros) to a new set of smaller denominations such as a 1, 5, 10 dinar etc. This is the definition of sorts of a re-denomination. There is a twist though....This is not something that one article can explain, but several over the years assembled to create the clear picture. That being said, there are individual articles from these prominent people that support this theory. From Dr. Fadel himself, to Dr. Bakri. Many think that when they do this transition, they will LOP or change the value of these larger notes. They are not. They are honoring them at full face value. Hence this is a Revaluation as well.

It's funny when i jump into these chats. I often see people justify something I said or someone else by bringing up Bush or some secret agreement to try to create the illusion that i should be discounted. Well, I never once mentioned anything of that. I simply researched this investment day and night for many years putting each piece together. Not all the research was good. I found stuff about smart cards, or WTO accession, etc that was discouraging. Then, fortunately, i was surprised when actual verification surfaced to support what I had found over the years. That is what a researcher looks for..that confirmation.

Now getting back to the dinar. The CBI originally called this "delete 3 zeros" but later (sometime in 2011) renamed it "lift 3 zeros" to make it easier for Iraqis to understand. It was never called "raise zero," or "drop zeros" or any other name. Much of that is just misinformed people posting.

This plan is orchestrated by the World Bank and clearly they are not fools in laying this out. They are not going to come out and say, "buy the dinar speculators" lol. Even though many have including the surrounding Arab states.

That being said, there are many bits and pieces that clearly state, that as they transition to the new currency, they will honor the old (3 zero notes at face value). Your lopers will not agree and will argue that is not how it is done, or no one has ever done that before. I don’t care about them. I care about what is being stated to the Iraqi people. And that is the message they are being taught. How do i know? Because after many months of finding these bits, pieces, in various articles, quotes like "the point of view the central bank is that the deletion of zeros does not affect the value of the Iraqi currency" or "We must emphasize the extremely important issue is that if you remove three zeroes from the currency should not affect the actual value thereof to be trading in the old currency and gradually withdrawn" or this one..."Iraqi dinar, as well as the re-evaluation of the Iraqi currency is the dinar is traded under the symbol foreign money as Iraqi dinars. Iraqi Central Bank provided in 2010 that it plans to change the denomination of the dinar, to enable the most basic money transactions. They planned to drop the three zeros of the nominal value, but to maintain the real value of the dinar unchanged" all tell us that the old dinar will not LOP.

Now the icing on the cake comes from Dr. Bakri who has been hired by the CBI to teach at the symposiums and seminars in and around Iraq. He put out this working paper titled..."Proposal to raise zeros from the dinar Ala a paper" You see the plan has never wavered. Going back to 2006, with Dr. Fadel it is the same. Only the timeframes have changed.

Dr. Bakri's paper explains what he is teaching...

Here is the part that is the confirmation of the previous quotes as translated from my Arabic translator...

"If three zeros were lifted from the IQD this means the IQD becomes stronger 1000 times in terms of value. For example, a pack of cigarettes that was selling for 1000 dinar would be only 1 dinar. If it was a conversion like that, if the three zeros were lifted from the previous currency, this means the old 1000 dinars will buy 1000 packs of cigarettes instead of 1."

The Google translator is very similar...

If what has been raised (three zeros) of the Iraqi dinar, it will lead to a rise in value (1000) once calculated value Almertbah to the number of zeros that have been filed, any can of cigarettes that were sold (1000) JD possible purchase after the lifting of zeros dinar one, and one thousand dinars modern can be obtained by a thousand a pack of cigarettes. In theory and when lifting (three zeros from the Iraqi dinar), the purchasing power will rise against the dollar rapidly to become one U.S. dollar equals (JD and a half) just so that the goods imported from abroad and valued by the lifting of the zeroes (1.2 million ) Iraqi dinars, equivalent to (1000) U.S. $ will be worth after the lifting of the three zeros (1200) Iraqi dinars, equivalent to (1000) dollars as well, and this is going to Aajelb remember any negative effects on the Iraqi citizen, in theory.?