You will be joyfull and sad
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Thread: You will be joyfull and sad

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    You will be joyfull and sad

    Many years ago, I heard a parable that I wish I could give credit to. But I believe that it would be well fitted to our group.

    Once while lost in a dark and dreary land, Pilgram had been stumbling along almost aimlessly but for the occasional glitter if light from the near full moon as it peaked out from behind the clouds from time to time. Soon, Pilgrim noticed that the ground beneath his feet changed from the soil he was by now accustomed to, it was as it ehere a deep course gravel. Few rocks or any other obstacles was in his way so as the moon would lighten his way he thought he. Could pick up the pace a bit without the fear of falling. He could see in the horizon a dull glimmer of a distant town. Suddenly, a voice was heard; "bend down Pilgrim, gather some pebbles for your pockets. In the morning, you will be joyfull and sad". Not sure what to do or who it was who spoke, Pilgrim complied. He gathered two small handfuls and placed them in his pockets and continued on his way. At daybreak he fould his way to a small hamlet in a strange land. The people there welcomed him in to rest and refresh himself. Asking his host where he was they mention its namr though unfamiliar as it was. He recalled the pebbles he had gathered the night before. Reaching in he pulled out the contents to discover that the pebbles were diamonds, emeralds and rubies. Realizing his new found wealth he was filled with joy and happiness, but then; he realized he knew not where he was nor how to retrace his steps. Oh how he wished he would have gathered more when the opportunity to do so was at hand...

    This my friends is our opportunity. Don't grab so many you become bogged down for the journey isn't over yet. But gather what you can, while you can.

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    Re: You will be joyfull and sad

    Great fairytale. Haven't heard of any coming true though. Exactly which currency dealer do you work for? Or do you just enjoy spreading hopium even though all articles concerning the CBI's statements regarding "delete the zeros" clearly states their intention of physically deleting the zeros from the currency? It's clear as day that a 25,000 dinar note is going to be worth 25 dinars after the adjustment. Has been for years and most people know it's true. But the truth doesn't give them anything to talk about and doesn't generate ad revenue for this place and all the other hopium sites that have been spreading rumors and false information for the past 10 to 15 years. How many top dog gurus have you seen come and go from this place after their usefulness at spreading hopium had run its course? Wake up and smell the roses "Rich Friends".

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