A cry from within the Alliance renews its call to dissolve parliament and hold early elections
05/05/2012 05:46 AM

Baghdad: cry MP Jawad Albzona launched from within the National Alliance, which he called for the dissolution of the House of Representatives, which he described Palmatl, down to dissolve the government and the formation of a new government and early elections, described the current government as a "caretaker government". He wondered about the usefulness of this the wrong track, but the MP for the Liberal bloc Ali al-Timimi seen the paper that came out of the meeting of Irbil consultation of the leaders of the political process of active who have the rules of mass, and the intervention of the leader of Sadr direct for the first time, it came to solve the problems of the political process after it has reached Using semi-dead end, in order to preserve Iraq's unity and political gains in freedom and pluralism and democracy. And MP to say: "The intervention of Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr, on this basis." Said Tamimi told (East): "We do not want the dissolution of parliament and early elections and form a government because it takes time," adding that "the previous election took a long time to form a the government. "In the opinion of the Attorney that" the solution to these problems is the application of all what is stated in the consultative meeting in Arbil, who emphasized the need for unity in Iraq and be a government of national partnership and not marginalize them one and the participation of all political decision within the political process. "The MP Albzona for the National Alliance, has renewed his call for early legislative elections to resolve the crisis Alsaaah current in the country. said on Friday that "if the status quo of the current political crisis and the continuing problems and not resolved during the national meeting of the forthcoming I think that the best solution to the crisis would be to hold elections early legislative resolution of the House of Representatives inactivated originally for its oversight role and legislative work which is subject to political consensus. " "As the current government is also disabled a caretaker government in the presence of many of the positions are managed by proxy therefore it is of interest to continue on this track mistaken for the work of legislative and executive branches, so emphasize that if the failure of the national meeting in resolving the crisis could not the political blocs to reach solutions to existing problems will be the option of early elections is one of the proposed solutions to the crisis. "and the Iraqi List, has called several times to hold Antbat an early solution to the current political crisis.