Saturday, May 5, 2012 15:43
Mr. Sadr: governmental actions led to the dictatorship, the people affected

BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / .. Said the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr that governmental actions which he described as (dictatorship)

Led to the entry of Iraq into a political crisis for Aheselh them only affected the people.Sadr said in his response to a question by one of his supporters about his recent visit to the Kurdistan region of Iraq and was told it would be a reason for the weakening of bias by saying "no I am Shia to be the common, but I am as I was before, I'll be always for all Iraqis wherever they are Shiite or Sunni Arabs who were or Kurds. "
"The Iraq and because of governmental actions personal Altferdih dictatorship, it became a crisis politically difficult stifling led all parties to Altsarat political to Aheselh them only hurt the Iraqi people and weaken the Shiites, who became the Aihzy credibility of Iraq's Sunnis and Akradhm, but sought some parties of power and Almstatherin them to settle reputations as terrorists or thieves oil Altsenn is not terrorism nor the Kurds are the thieves, but to Atkhalo various sects of the impurities and the corrupt whatever.
He criticized the chest in response to the exploitation of doctrines to gain power by saying, "became the Shiites alone in the Iraqi arena that subjects it to the risk of political isolation or risk exclusivity dictatorship, which was the cause of the fall of the destructive," referring to Saddam, "and kept Altsenn for bias and vice versa, Vdroua to those Mufsdtan any order to Ati_oh reputation of Shiism and Aanfred power and no longer be in the arena at risk of internal and external sought to strengthen relations Shiite Sunni and Shiite Kurdish so to speak, and they are before our brothers in Iraq and have our money and they Maalina and found errors of them, they of some affiliates of bias still exists and all been shot to pinch and pay-to-disk-fire Iraq. "
And the Convention on Arbil, said Sadr "and the signature of the Convention on the same points nine logical do not conflict and the Shariah nor to the doctrine Shia great nor to the national rules of the Holy, but as a matter of love Iraq and its sects Fannie before to be a Shiite, I am an Iraqi-born, housing and loved him and to whom it and Bagdha to his enemies occupiers and terrorists and the corrupt and Alumblyxiaoaan whoever they are and from any point they are. "
Addressing the chest Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, saying that "aspects of my speech to the brother-Maliki, who made the save Shiism a target (if save bias for Nokia Alabhfez Iraq, keeping Iraq to Nokia, but save the factions does not save the people, his government did not tack one day politics and governments are the preservatives are common, but faith Reserved Bmasomiha and their deputies mean References Dear God save the others, and God bless the past two), and I invite him not to forget the blood of the martyrs Sadrain (Jerusalem) and the address of the chest first: "I am since I knew my presence and my responsibility in this nation changed this existence in order to Shiite and Sunni alike and for the Arab and Kurdish both) and generally disappear governments and peoples, religions and remain above the factions and unite and Thanks
Brother of Iraq
Moqtada al-Sadr