Mohsen Saadoun critical of the Iraqi attack two deputies of the Conference of Irbil in support of the Kurds
05/05/2012 14:31

"Portal Iraq," Baghdad - criticized the Kurdistan Alliance MP Mohsen Saadoun attack on Iraqi MPs Omar Abdullah Jubouri and West of the Conference of Irbil in support of the Kurdish issue.

The Erbil conference held in support of the Kurdish people and support their cause and strengthen the federal system in Iraq began on Friday, under the auspices of President of Kurdistan region Masoud Barzani and the participation of dozens of Iraqi and Arab intellectuals and the Diaspora.

Sadoun said in a press statement on Saturday that "MPs Omar Jubouri and Abdullah the West criticized in a press conference at Saturday calling for thinkers and intellectuals from the Arabs of Iraq and the rest of the Arab countries and expatriates to convene a conference of the Arab Gathering in support of the Kurdish people in Arbil, Dainhm to defend of their countrymen Arabs against what they called the b {support of the oppressed Arab component in the disputed areas} in their own words. "

He added that he "had forgotten the two MPs who are trying to portray themselves as speaking on behalf of Kirkuk's Arabs and the rest of the disputed areas that this gathering legions of intellectuals Iraqi Arabs and the rest of their colleagues from Arab countries and the Diaspora, jumping in their support to the cause of the Kurdish people through their awareness of the historical injustice suffered, including the Kurds" .

He explained by saying "where are deprived in parts of Greater Kurdistan of their national rights, while enabling long struggle common to the Arabs and the Kurds and the rest of the ingredients in Iraq to establish a civil state, federal democracy, with the blood of the freedom fighters of the Arabs, Kurds and Turkmen, the blood of Muslims, Christians and Yazidis."

He Sadoun that "he does not like the state of the Federal Democratic Hovinyin who do not believe in the national rights of the components of the Iraqi people, inspired by a holistic view of the former regime, who was participating in Erbil conference of the leading opponents and activists to abort it. They line up the illusion that the Iraqi and Arab intellectuals as well as their view of chauvinism that denies the fact that the dictatorial regime carved out many parts of Kurdistan of Iraq and inflicted other provinces within the scheme is trying to blur national identity. "

"We are confident that the Conference of Irbil in support of the Kurdish people will reach to the ideas of supporting the national rights of the Kurdish people, including the right to self-determination, which chose the Kurds of Iraq to be dependent on the state of the Federal Democratic Iraq, and that this large crowd of intellectuals Arabs of Iraq and the world, which includes figures intellectual luminaries such as the Islamic thinker Shiite Hani Fahs, will confirm that the stability of Iraq and its progress will not be achieved without respect for the legitimate rights of the Kurds, Turkmen and the rest of the components by respecting the Constitution and its application without selectivity, and consolidate the values ​​of citizenship away from sectarianism and nationalism inherited from the totalitarian regimes that ruled Iraq for many years ".