The countdown to the start of the meeting of the National Sat, 5 May 2012 time: 9:11

It seems that this week would be "a week discount" on the national meeting, which will hopefully contribute to improve the atmosphere and close distances between the political parties. With the start of the countdown for a cabinet meeting Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the Iraqi List, and all partners in the political process to attend this important meeting to resolve political crisis and urged that the National Alliance on Tuesday held the first in a week, at a time when income from the new U.S. ambassador to the line of the crisis through a number of meetings held during the past 48 hours.
He called the National Alliance, all the political blocs to "positive interaction and active presence at the national meeting and abide by the constitution as a basis to resolve all the problems at hand without selective." And discussed the National Alliance at a meeting held yesterday, "developments in the political arena and the success of the ongoing dialogues on the national meeting to be held, has crystallized in this regard several points which emphasize the unity and the position of the National Alliance against all the challenges that impede the building of the Iraqi state and the importance of a national meeting during the week. "They discussed the Alliance, extensively items nine, which came in a letter cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, which delivered by the political body of the stream to the President of the National Alliance, Dr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari.
And confirmed the terms of the message the nine that got the "morning", a copy of the published image in the third page, the need to end the current political crisis and abide by the constitution and the government of national partnership and work hard to provide services to citizens. "The letter contained an emphasis on the need to resolve the outstanding problems between the governments of the center and the province to resolve all outstanding issues in addition to the emphasis on the issue of identifying a particular time to hold a national meeting by President Jalal Talabani. also called on the message to be to the National Alliance decision to take a single outstanding problems and resolved in accordance with the Constitution. In the meantime, the prime minister said in press statements attributed to him during meeting with the President of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim at the Council of Ministers yesterday: "The things that we agreed during our meeting with leaders of the Supreme Council to move to invite all partners in the homeland and the political process to sit for dialogue and put all our issues and problems that we face and the challenges that we are going through and address the basis of the Constitution. ", said al-Hakim:" The conditions for successful dialogues between the political blocs lies in the four-point first is that the dialogues-looking strategy for the country's problems and the solutions desired, "noting that he" can not achieve a real solution to our reality of Iraq without we get to this overall vision that meets the Iraqis. "
Source: Sabah