The Supreme Council calls for strong national settlement Association

Wed, 02 Nov 2016 11:02:26

Supreme Soviet Deputy Aziz publicly, most deputies in the Federation forces to prevent the Sunni component usurped areas, calling all the Sunni national settlement blocks and resolving political differences.

Publicly, said in a press statement that "the Shiite National Alliance blocs represented in terms of political leadership and religious leadership in Najaf Supreme reference, but Sunni blocs in the Union forces do not have religious authority and political leadership to negotiate and resolve the national settlement to the country's stability."

"Most of the politicians in the Union forces them cry on Sunni component usurped the strong Union advocate areas reveal their political leadership and their reference to negotiate with national settlement to the stability of the country."

The national settlement needs to first terms all political parties sitting at the same table to determine goals and national foundations, the second to be security and stability of Iraq unit and politically and to undertake all the parties that United Nations cooperation in supervision and implementation of the national settlement.