Sadr al-Maliki to make the funeral and tell him his goal Governments and the people keep away
Editor: NK Saturday 05 May 2012 11:37 GMT

Sumerian News / Baghdad
attacked the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, on Saturday, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, accusing him of working on the funeral of the country, and asked him to preserve all the shades of the Iraqi people, stressing that governments go away or people leaving. Sadr said in his response to a question from one of his followers asked him where whether it was going to Irbil to meet Barzani and parties opposed to the government is to weaken the funeral, he replied chest "aspects of my speech to the brother-Maliki, who has made ​​keeping the funeral a target, said that keeping the funeral is not only to save Iraq .. and save Iraq can only be saved sects; does not save the parties to his government. " said Sadr, "was not one day politics or governments is the portfolio of the funeral but belief Reserved Bmasomiha and parliamentarians, and I mean our references customers (...)." He al-Sadr "to invite him (the owners) do not forget the blood of the martyrs the Sadrists and the address of the chest first, who said it (since I knew the existence and my responsibility in this nation have been made ​​for the presence of Shiite and Sunni alike and for the Arab and Kurdish alike). Sadr stressed in his talk to the owners by saying, "In general governments and peoples stay away .. And religions and denominations go up and unite. " He al-Sadr that "Shi'ism became a solo in the Iraqi arena that subjects it to the risk of political isolation, or risk of exclusivity dictatorship which was the cause of the fall (...) and kept Altsenn for bias and vice versa," asserting that "to ward off those Mufsdtan In order to does not deform the reputation of bias is not unique and that the power does not remain in the arena vulnerable to internal and external dangers I have sought to strengthen relations Shiite Kurdish Sunni and Shiite. "