From Frank:
[9/23/2011 7:14:14 PM] William White: There has been much activity today Family, we don't understand it all, but we continue working on intel through this weekend:

Today President Talabani made a speech before the UN and indicated that he wants to increase Iraqi wages by 4 times their current value. A value close to 3.60.

For the "night crew" a new task, watch the FOREX tonight please, whatever FOREX that you may follow, we don't know what if any changes that occur will represent at this time but pay special attention to anything that reads 1111.XXXX, pay attention to the numbers after the zero.

At this point we do not have any info on what Shabibi's 10:30 am Iraqi time, speech was about, but TEAM26 continues cooking on this.

Also, at the UN today....President Talabani mentioned that Iraq was "totally out of any sanctions." Working to confirm Chapter 7.

Lastly, President Talabani stated that he wishes to increase the rate of the average Iraqi from 22 to 88 (?????).....a fourfold increase, again a value close to 3.60.