United Nations: a five-year plan failed in Iraq

Friday, 04 May / May 2012 10:50

Twilight News / United Nations announced on Thursday about the "failure" five-year plan in Iraq, pointing to recast once again taking advantage of mistakes.

The Iraqi government has allocated $ 186 billion five-year plan for the implementation of which $ 100 billion of public budgets of the country and the remaining $ 86 billion of investment projects of local and foreign.

According to the CBI that five-year plan adopted by the Iraqi government dominated by theoretical and shall address the impediments to its implementation as soon as possible for the advancement of economic development in the country.

He said UNDP Administrator of the United Nations in Iraq, Peter Batchelor's " Twilight News "that" there is a reformulation of the national five-year plan prepared by the Iraqi government in 2010 for lack of statistics and numbers to the database. "

The Ministry of Federal Planning announced earlier that the five-year plan will start from 2013 to 2017 because of political differences and security situation.

Batchelor said he was "building on the lessons of the five-year plan and we as the United Nations are supporting the Government to implement the plan there are mistakes that we brought from the first plan and we will learn not to repeat these mistakes."

The Iraqi authorities must first make a census before the implementation of five-year plan of development.

The dispute centered on the census on the basis of Kirkuk province, its components multiple of Turkmen, Arabs and Kurds and the province of Nineveh, multi-component as well.

The last census was conducted in Iraq in 1987, followed by the last census in 1997 but did not include the three governorates of the Kurdistan Region.

He Batchelor that "the situation in Iraq is getting worse, but the distribution (percentages) of poverty is important between the various provinces, as the United Nations and we have good information on all the provinces and the distribution of poverty."

The Ministry of Planning in the past that the Iraqi province of Muthanna, the most in the poorest provinces of Diwaniyah, followed by Salah al-Din, Dhi Qar, respectively.

According to the Ministry of Planning, the alleviation of poverty need $ 30 billion in the budget of 2012, as recommended by the Central Bank.

And announced that the United Nations Mission in Iraq in the poverty rate in Iraq up to 23% confirmed they are working on creating job opportunities for young people in the oil and gas sectors and capacity building of government institutions to benefit from the experience.

Batchelor said, "We as the United Nations with the assistance of the Ministry of Planning, we surveyed included 30 thousand homes and therefore we plan to alleviate poverty, but with the census is very important, and we got the information on the geographical distribution of poverty."

Since 2003, the census was postponed from 2007 to 2009 and then to 24 October 2010 and finally to the fifth of December, before the recent Cabinet decision to delay it indefinitely.

Batchelor concluded his speech by saying "we can work at the district levels and to enable communities to develop plans in their provinces to alleviate poverty."

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