Maliki calls for Iraq to attend the national meeting: you will find the maximum response

On: Friday 5/4/2012 6:08

Baghdad / term
Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, on Thursday, the Iraqi List, and all partners in the political process to attend the national conference to resolve the political crisis, emphasizing that they will find the highest degree of response, but across the Iraqi Constitution,

In what was considered that the current crisis can not be dealt with fundamentally and strategically, but through a national meeting attended by all.

He said Nuri al-Maliki in a press statement during his meeting with the President of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim at the Council of Ministers, said that "of the things that we agreed during our meeting with leaders of the Supreme Council to move to invite all partners in the homeland and the political process to sit for dialogue and put all our issues and problems that we face and the challenges that we are going through and address on the basis of the Constitution, "calling" of Iraq and who are all partners in the political process to the need to attend the National Meeting. "

Maliki said, "We are honest and invited us will find the highest degree of response, but through the Constitution," stressing that "we need to have the desire to invite all partners to hold a national meeting attended by all parties, including the components that formed the political process."

He said the prime minister that "the crisis when the lies sometimes have the means of breakthrough multiple and sometimes style breakthrough single," noting that "the methods of breakthroughs in bilateral agreements and consensus and behind the scenes we go by a certain distance, but today's crisis can not look at the treatment of essential and strategic, but to meet through a national meeting attended by everyone. "

The Prime Minister emphasized that "the crisis would not exist if you carry both his observations and Achkalath what he deems appropriate to resolve the accusations of the last full transparency, clarity and discussed on the basis of the Constitution," asserting that "the rejection of this track will keep the crisis Ptaqidadtha will be vulnerable to further tensions do not we wish."

On the other hand accused the al-Maliki, did not identify points of trying to break up the National Alliance, and when he said that all these attempts failed, he noted that the men of the National Alliance, have a history of struggle and jihad tradition.
Maliki said, "There are those who want to disrupt and break up the unity of the National Alliance and raised the differences between its components," asserting that "all these attempts failed to reach what they wanted."

He added that "the men and entities of the National Alliance, the largest and more aware of that allow others to dismantle it out," noting that "the men of the National Alliance and the characters have a history of struggle and jihad long and solid experience to the National Alliance to give more awareness."

He expressed the hope that "others are in line with the National Alliance in the framework of bilateral understandings and seek to create differences."