Maliki presented to the wise .. a single electoral list for the provincial councils

Baghdad / Orr News
A source close to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki had invited to dinner by Mr. Hakim was supposed to be on Wednesday. The source said that the call transfer delegation of the political bureau of the Dawa Party, who visited al-Hakim was three days ago and held a working meeting with the leaders in the Council to deliberate on the political situation through which the country and the ways out of the current political crisis.
The source indicated that the delegation of the call display on the Muslim Council of entering a single electoral list in upcoming provincial elections. He said that Mr. al-Hakim did not meet al-Maliki did not reject the invitation, but promised to study them and did not give a final position on the entry with the call for a single electoral list and leave it to study and take a definitive position after trading between the leaders of the Council and the Centre for its decision.
Observers believe that al-Maliki and his party try to get closer to the Council indicate that the Prime Minister realized that the Islamic Council, has become an important and difficult figure in the political game and began to widen its influence in the social circles in general and among young people in particular.
And compare the observers between irreverence Maliki, the Supreme Council in the near past day said, "It must convert the Supreme Council to a civic organization distributes water to visitors to Abu Abdullah", and the keen-Maliki is now a rapprochement with the wise and send high-level delegation from the Dawa Party, to visit the Council and consultation with leaders.