In terms of confidentiality agreements with Kuwait, al-Maliki refused to publish

Baghdad / Orr News
Political sources revealed that the prime minister still refuses to publish items that have been signed with the Kuwaiti government, considering that the duties of the government and its responsibility to safeguard the interests of Iraq.
The sources, who asked not to mention to the Agency (UR): The Kuwait acquired from Iraq on the privileges of political, economic and security were not dreamed of since it was founded, and until this moment, which pay to advertise openly about their desire to annex Iraq to the Gulf Cooperation Council, what angered other Gulf states, particularly Qatar and Saudi Arabia.
The sources explained that there are confidentiality clauses in the Convention held by the al-Maliki with the Kuwaiti side, and that there is an agreement to keep these items are kept secret until it is fully implemented, noting that Kuwait will reward the Maliki government to drive Iraq from Chapter VII, but for a price too high and large.
While emphasizing the Iraqi government success in the management of the helm of the talks with Kuwait, including spare the two countries the consequences of past experiences, speaking voices representative that talks between the Joint Commission, reflect the "weak performance of Iraqi negotiator" and calls the other, Kuwait and as a gesture of goodwill, including, cancellation of debt. "Kuwaitis waving many of the files that represent the elements of pressure on Iraq, at a time when the Iraqi negotiator lacks the performance of legal and political turns, without damage to the interests of the country."