Deputy al-Mutlaq: Iraqi made ​​great efforts with its allies to find solutions to the current crisis

Published on Thursday, 03 May 2012 07:10

BAGHDAD / With: The MP said the Iraqi List, Hamid al-Mutlaq, "The great and powerful efforts are being made of the Iraqi and the Kurdistan Alliance and the Sadr movement in order for the completion of the outstanding problems in the political process."
He said al-Mutlaq of the reporter and the news agency the future, "said the efforts being made by the Coalition and Iraqi Kurdistan and the Sadr movement is to put points on the letters to solve the current crisis and defined period of time in the near future to implement all the terms of the Erbil and this is agreed by all political parties."
He pointed out that "the continued efforts of some political parties will lead to advancement to the executive and the legislature and this is in the interest should the blocks and the Iraqi citizen in the country."
He stressed "the necessity of the political process and to Lhalhalh for the completion of the crisis and the outstanding problems that arise every day and is expanding between the political blocs, pointing out that Iraq is optimistic of the political process."