Qatari newspaper al-Maliki attacked violently political and accuses him of playing on the Traltaúfah in Iraq and the region
02.05.2012 11:15:00

Iraq (Iba) - attacked the Qatari newspaper violently political and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and described it as a political migration crises internal to the outside by playing a chord of sectarianism in Iraq and the region. The following is the text of an article by the country, Dr. Zafar Mohammad Al-Ajmi, who published by the Arabs to this day: if you put the word «Maliki» in an electronic research tool for all the results returned to you as one of the doctrines of the Maliki school year, more than Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. The result is that only one aspect of the damage that the misleading connotation of a prime minister who does not Anawi Maliki school, but Anawi some Shiite forces there, and change his skin whenever he turned Ktgierh its name from the horse to Abuasra to Nuri! The latest revelations misleading to the owners insistence Arabism to reunite the Arab summit in Baghdad, the 23 in the March 29, 2012, then fall into the April 22, 2012 - after less than a month - on the chest of the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei, to receive praise when he said to him: «The Arab summit in Baghdad and put Iraq at the top of the Arab League, the Prime Minister as Chairman of this university». that rotated Baghdad about the Arabs in terms of Iran and its assault on the Gulf states is not new in the process of the Maliki government, which is Tehran's strategic ally, but the deception was call by al-Maliki ahead of a summit of Baghdad and went in to claim the unity of Iraq behind him and political stability, and that the Baghdad one of the pillars the Arab system, and an integral part of Gulf security, Valastdarh new strategy for the owners of about Tehran revealed the variety of things: 1 - removal of the internal crises externally by playing on Water sectarianism, where it was marketed al-Maliki in Tehran for five NATO puts the finishing touches to overthrow Spring sectarian plunge Iraq into a sectarian quagmire. And columns of this alliance says are Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the Iraqi List and the Kurdish leadership. but the fact that Maliki suffered internal opposition from the powerful Shi'ite Supreme Council of the Sadrists and the ambition of leadership in the ranks of Maliki's party itself. There are also differences with the Kurds, Sunni Arabs and Turkmen, as summed up by former Prime Minister Jaafari, Iraq's status under the rule of al-Maliki, saying: «pain Iraq is room for a wise and Najafi, Allawi and Barzani with al-Maliki, of course! And the crisis of internal and externally generated flight-Maliki is the result of the loss of good governance or governance (Good Governance) in the Green Zone, which can not be done except to impose law and democracy, pluralism, transparency and accountability, freedom and popular promotion of human rights. How can the ruling an adult, he says the remnants of the Saddamists of his officers who asked for the green light to drive the Kurds out of Erbil: Wait until the arrival of aircraft, F16, which we bought from America, your child strongholds Barzani in the resort of Salah. 2 - not a single al-Maliki a word while the condemned Arabs Ahmadinejad's speech Baaranih island of Abu Musa and the Persian Gulf during his ill-fated them. But he was quick to undo Iran's nuclear crisis of chronic Iraq's readiness to host the six-nation talks (5 +1) with Iran concerning its nuclear program in May 23, 2012. A decision which falls under the political Spite of Turkey's Erdogan to describe the Maliki government of committing political errors increase sectarian tension in Iraq by Sunni exclusion from the political process. The meeting in Baghdad is to implement the orders Iran to punish Ankara after installation Atlantic missile shield on its territory. , Stood in the camp of the Damascus regime change. So why was absent dimension Gulf from the concerns of Maliki regional and why he has no interference reduces us the arrogance of Tehran, even if half the effort that had been made ​​to protect them from the blows of the West! 3 - due crudeness Maliki with the Gulf since he came to power in Baghdad to the Iranian motives, and then came the Syrian crisis to unfold orientations to create the center of Tehran, Baghdad, Damascus, making the capital good focal point in it, Vtbarhath far the Arab summit was in favor of the Damascus regime in a crude shouted through it (will not fall Assad) the antithesis of meekness which Tgll himself ahead of the summit, during which, in the return to the method of deception which Atserbl it, bringing the Gulf States the conviction that al-Maliki to serve faithfully the center of Damascus - Baghdad - Tehran, and if it is not taken into account Vsangeh extend the life of the Assad regime skipping opportunities for pressure and one after the other, but may transmit the Iraq backbone for logistic support of Iran. and in search of a conclusion jurisprudence may limit turns Maliki disinformation that stick out as a matter of pragmatic politics, we can say that the imperatives of regional permits in the Gulf change Maliki; because the change in Damascus - the strategic objective of Gulf salt - will be only circle, north and create the conditions for an Arab spring the right to pass on Baghdad was a long wait for our people in Baghdad him. 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