Ayad al-Samarrai: Agreement on the withdrawal of five-confidence in Maliki if not implemented the nine themes
05/02/2012 9:41

MP for the Iraqi coalition agreement of the parties for five (Talabani, Barzani, Allawi, Najafi, al-Sadr) to withdraw confidence from the al-Maliki in the event of failure to implement what was agreed upon, and expected to respond to the Prime Minister with the nine themes that came out of the five-meeting which was held in Erbil .

Samarrai said "Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki will respond with the paragraphs that came out of the five-year meeting which was held in Erbil and will reach understandings with all the political blocs to resolve outstanding problems between them.

"The themes agreed by the leaders of the five were sent to the Prime Minister to implement them, noting that the combined parties will work jointly to implement those formed by axes (9) points."

The MP for the coalition in Iraq to that in the event of non-implementation of the Convention, the conferees agreed to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister, and expected not to withdraw confidence from Maliki's intention to resolve the differences and the implementation of agreements.