Iraqi Vice President Khadr Khuzaie delegation met with the media: are keen to turn the page with Kuwait and the resolution of outstanding issues

Tuesday, May 1, 2012 News


Editor in Chief Joseph Colleague Khaled Youssef Marzouk and Iraqi Vice President Khudair Khuzaie

Iraqi Vice President Khudair Khuzaie average Kuwaiti delegation visiting Iraq in a commemorative snapshot

Side of the head of the investment meeting with Iraqi Kuwaiti delegation

  • His Highness Prince positive and honest man and an elderly desire to restore relations between the two countries
  • The people of Iraq is not a partner in any injustice occurred on Kuwait
Mona Hstr Baghdad KUNA:
Iraqi Vice President Khodair al sincere in his desire to turn the page with Kuwait and resolve all outstanding issues between the two brotherly countries and building up to the excellent relations at all levels.
Khuzaie said during his meeting with Kuwaiti media delegation visiting Iraq to turn the serious issues of the past all the bitter «which Tdhuqtamoha in Kuwait for seven months in Iraq and Tdhuguenaha more than 30 years and Cherbnaha cups of suffering and deprivation».
He added that the Iraqi people more aware and understanding of the suffering of the people of Kuwait «lived because of the injustice is not like someone who read about or heard of», referring to the relations of descent and intermarriage between the two countries.
He added that the Iraqi people «subjugated and oppressed and to learn, but it is unfair to turn into a» in reference to Iraq, the real intention of reconciliation and tolerance for all nations and peoples sisterly and friendly countries.
The Khuzaie that the people of Iraq is not a partner in any injustice happened to Kuwait, but was oppressed with the Kuwaiti people, declaring innocence of Iraq and its people, which hit Kuwait and its people from the oppression of «not taken the approval and signing of us or selection or a referendum», and stressing that what happened was «a major crime the size of history ».
He said that the purity of intention and sincerity of conscience Saouselan Iraq and Kuwait to port security, stability and prosperity, stressing that the Iraqis do not feel towards the people of Kuwait, but the brotherly love and affection and brotherhood.
He predicted the return of serenity to the Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations at all levels, adding that the issuance of statements from both sides «will not spoil the intimacy because this is freedom, but we will be deaf ears for each of criticizing us».
He said «What we need is sincerity and patience and work to enhance mutual trust between us to return relations to better than it was and to be a relationship the two countries and two peoples, for example a model between the Arabs and the optimal model for the relationship with neighboring countries, Arabs».
Khuzai called the Kuwaiti people to abandon the past and move on to an atmosphere of friendship and trust and fraternity, and expressed his hope that the two peoples regain their relations intimate history.
He praised the role played by His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad, expressing his thanks and appreciation to His Highness for his attendance and participation Baghdad summit last March that «affected in the hearts of all Iraqis Emma effect».
He said «I was introduced to His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed before he met him and I had a perception that human positive and honest with all the sons of the Kuwaiti people and with expatriates living in the land of Kuwait,» he said, adding that he found the Prince during his visit to Iraq's sincerity and desire to restore relations between the the two countries and an end to all outstanding issues ».
He added that there are many Iraqis in Kuwait who were always shouting that his Highness the Emir, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad is the father of all these qualities to his witnessing the near and far.
He called Khuzaie media delegation to contribute in bridging the gap to bridge the gap between the two brotherly peoples, stressing the need to continue to strengthen the institutions of civil society from both countries which would shorten distances away and erase the feelings of estrangement, while the visit of the delegation spoke highly of the media and previous initiatives in this area.
He added that the opening of shows here and there for some of the painters or the establishment of cultural festivals for artists, writers and poets «is very important to strengthen these relations and cohesion».
He stressed that the media pressure can knock on the cold iron of diplomatic relations Vicklh and opens it and implement it and this is his mission and expressed his hope to send positive messages to the Kuwaitis, Iraqis aimed at «more openness between our two countries and peoples at all levels of official and popular».
He appealed to Khuzaie Kuwaiti government open up the prospect of family visits by facilitating the task of obtaining visas for Iraqi nationals to enter Kuwait and visit their relatives, expressing the hope that the day will come back when the Kuwaitis to visit Basra at the weekend as it was before nearly four decades.
He said that Kuwait would be in the future gateway to Iraq toward the outside world through the numbers wishing to travel abroad on their way, adding that this would boom travel, transportation, markets, hotels in Kuwait.
In response to a question about the instability of the internal situation in Iraq, he said Khuzaie that there are problems facing Iraq in this regard of causes tremor violent affected the behavior of the people «After that he lived repressive Without Borders and the dictatorship of the unrestricted become practiced freedom has no limits to the extent chaos», He pointed to the need for time to re-balance.
He called attention to the events and actions taken during the last period, confirming the direction of the situation in Iraq to the improvement «security and stability in Iraq is similar to stability in all countries of the world although there are some exceptions occasionally other».
He said he believes in dialogue and the need to adopt management sessions of the Preparatory Committee for National Dialogue, expressing his hope to see a few weeks or next few months promise of unity of the row to the Iraqis.