Activation of the Tariff Act next month
10/23/2011 0:00

Baghdad / Iraq's future:
the committee said that the cabinet will do the Tariff Act in December of 2012, which is important and essential in reducing the prices in the market. A member of the Economic Commission Salman al-Moussawi's (the future of Iraq): The law will include tax includes primarily the goods and imported goods and the poor have flooded the Iraqi market. He added that more goods that are subject to tax and high levels are items that can be manufactured locally; but stalled because of competition and dumping, which is practiced upon by the imported goods, pointing out that the tax law is the law of correction will help industries and laboratories of Iraq and domestic products more than they are. The Economic Commission of the Council of Ministers has been prepared, in 14 of the month of February, a draft law aiming to stop the work tariff, as recommended by the Committee to stop the work leave the import and export, These recommendations were developed after the new study are consistent with the economic situation and living conditions in the country. Iraq was imposing customs duties on goods entering it before the year 2003, according to Law 77 of 1955, and has stopped after that with Coalition Forces entered Iraq in 2003 to issue a civil administrator in Iraq Paul Bremer fee of 5% on goods entering Iraq, known then draw the reconstruction of Iraq. The General Administration of Customs announced, in January last, driven to the application of tariff law The new No. 22 for 2010 by up to 20%, and staffed by the beginning of last March.