Islamic Dawa Party .. Without Maliki

Tuesday, 01 May 2012 09:10

Hadi Juloo Mare’i/ Dr. Ibrahim al-Ja’afari is counted as one of the leading figures in the Islamic Dawa Party, which works in the frame of mind that takes the Dawa history, and the foundations of the Islamic Action developed by the reference Mohammed Baqir al-Sadr. But he like the rest of the leaders of the party was not known for large sections of the Iraqi people before the year 2003.The citizens of Iraq did not know anything about the Islamic Dawa Party except the famous expression (the Dawa Party, the agent ) promoted by the former regime through its media, and through the ruling Ba’athist cells in human populations living in cities and rural areas of Iraq, people did not want more information for fear of oppression , and because many of the Shiites in the center and south were linked to members of the executed, and were active within the party ranks, they tried to keep away from them for fear of suspicion that would lead to execution , which was the fastest of the provisions issued by the revolutionary courts relating to the Revolutionary Command Council.
When the party got to lead in forming the Iraqi government, and the controversy that followed and led to the exclusion of Dr. Ja’afari, the existence of the current Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki was not clearly defined, but he kept capabilities such as (fierce, and the ability to maneuver, and trapping his opponents ).
Maliki unlike , al-Ja’afari has the luck, in very complicated circumstances coincided by of international and regional forces .. A man can hold the strings of the game and was pursued those leading wherever they are, in Najaf, or in Tehran, or Damascus, all the way to Washington, and other Arab capitals, and what happened during the past years events were weakening his opponents, and strengthen, and luck plays a part, The errors bring benefits to him as well, as a result of his consciousness of those events, and his understanding of the and regional and the U.S. will. He was able to work, until he the talk about al-Maliki means talking about the Dawa Party, while no longer the talk about Dawa means talking about al-Maliki, and he became more than a party .
I do not know who leaked the news of the determination of al-Maliki to be out of the Islamic Dawa Party, and the formation of an entity associated with him personally, as quoted by the UAE “Al- bayan” newspaper in its issue on the twelfth of April, in a move similar to that initiated by al-Ja’afari, who left angrily and not satisfied as is the case with al-Maliki now.
Maliki has achieved tremendous success on the personal level than what he achieved at the national level. He in any case is subjected to face the challenges even greater than that he faced in the past, and we have to wait more to get to know how the scene will be .