Talabani hints for self determination for Kurds in coming stages

Tuesday, 01 May 2012 00:16 | | |

Erbil (AIN) -President Jalal Talabani emphasized that Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and since the beginning of its foundation put the right to self-determination within the main objectives of struggle and has made a lot of sacrifices for this right, noting that "If the right of self-determination is appropriate, in another phase Kurds will follow another form of this right."

The PUK website mentioned that "Talabani said during his meeting with the Central Board of (PUK) that all problems will be addressed and settled through dialogue," stressing that "The living standards of the citizens of Iraq in other areas are good and they witness building and well prosperous life, but it should be better."

He added that "Iraq is a country of multiple nationalities, creeds and religions, so it must be managed with real participation of its all representatives and on the basis of consensus and balance," stressing on "The need for the Kurds to promote and develop alliances with Iraqi forces in general."

Concerning the relations of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan with political forces, Talabani talked about the "importance of the strategic alliance between the KDP and the PUK," noting that "This alliance became the basis and one of the main pillars to protect the gains, political coexistence and social security in the Kurdistan Region, so this alliance, which has a significant impact on the Kurds position in Baghdad, must be protected," highlighting the significant results of his recent meetings with President Barzani."

The Secretary-General of (PUK) also stressed that "The Kurds consider the slogan of self determination as very historical slogan and we are not repentant about it since we have given great sacrifices and fought for it continuously," noting that "The Kurds are happy by getting federalism as a constitutional right and voted for it within the Iraqi constitution, and in another stage, if it appropriate, the Kurds will follow another form of self-determination,"

He clarified "In other words each stage has its decision and the struggle never stopped yet." /End/