National Alliance: Barzani discount to the government .. And boycott the meetings will look at the findings and recommendations Mon, 30 Apr 2012 Time: 8:45

National Alliance bloc said that the President of the Kurdistan region against the government, refusing to respond to all meetings and initiatives led. This came after conflicting reports about the possibility of convening the National Congress or not, following a meeting of leaders of political blocs in Erbil
With confirmed the mass Kurdish coalition forces said preparations were under way to convene a meeting similar to the experienced Arbil last Saturday, it was revealed the National Alliance for the intention of the political leaders meeting in the presence of President Ibrahim al-Jaafari, in case of agreement to hold national conference in Baghdad, with a further parliamentary in the list of Iraq, its support contract meeting of leaders of the blocks in Baghdad, not in Arbil, refusing to comment on the position of leader of its list of Iyad Allawi.
Sources within the National Alliance, for "the world" on Sunday, from a decision of the block, and provides that "any meeting called by the President of Kurdistan region Masoud Barzani Sanagatah, and will not believe its findings and recommendations." The same sources confirmed that "the Egypt of the National Alliance to hold a national meeting, the sole choice to solve the outstanding problems."
For his part, said the leader of the coalition of state law, Khalid al-Asadi, the "world" yesterday, "The meeting in Arbil, they decided that the next meeting in Baghdad to complement the trading, and we will not accept to be a discount as a rule," in reference to the rejection of the meeting called by Barzani.
Asadi said that "Baghdad is the appropriate place to hold a meeting of the national and political meetings, and the National Alliance adheres to the national meet," refusing to comment on the possibility of finding real solutions to resolve the crisis.
He said al-Asadi, "We have no concern of any meeting is held, not worry about trying to draw confidence from the government, and wants to exercise his constitutional right to the opposition it has the right, but open the horizon to confuse the national partnership, you may call us to resort to other options."
And rejected the leadership of the Kurdistan Alliance Mahma Khalil as Arbil meeting, held last Saturday in the presence of President Jalal Talabani, Kurdish regional president Massoud Barzani, the leader of the Iraqi List, Iyad Allawi, and the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, and the President of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi, an attempt to divide the political process, indicating "The meeting was aimed at the leaders to find a match in views, and dismantling of the crisis and the node list."
Khalil added, in an interview with "the world" yesterday "under the Convention on Arbil became President Barzani's credibility with the Iraqi people after he led the initiative to form a government of national partnership, and that his call for the consultation is to support and attribution to the National Congress and the political process through dialogue table," pointing to be "wary of the National Congress or the consultation they should not accuse others."
And he told that "the invitation of President Barzani reflect the warning partners of the decline of the political process into the abyss," in allusion to exit the meeting political message is clear to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, noting that "meet the political blocs to invite Barzani indicate satisfaction of everyone, and the pursuit of total to decode crisis, and discuss the obstacles plaguing the implementation of the terms of Arbil, and to identify the intersections in the Constitutional Convention, and find out who does not listen to them. "
Khelil predicted that the witness "to attend all future meetings of the parties and the detente will appear in the near future," adding that "the invitation was sent to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, but he refused to attend."
And call for another meeting of political leaders in Arbil, the seventh of next month between Khalil "We heard that in the media only, which is possible."
On the possibility of convening the National Congress, said the leadership of the Kurdistan Alliance, "The preparatory committees come a long way for the convening of the National Congress, but the problem lies between the Iraqi List and the National Alliance, and we in the Kurdistan coalition forces playing the role of mediator to bring the views, there is a call to set up another meeting of the Preparatory Committee on Tuesday
Source: Iraq law