Close to an Iraqi - Kuwaiti calls for activation of economic activity between the two countries

29/04/2012 17:14

Erbil, April 29 (Rn) - see Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations closer political thaw to some extent the tension between the two countries against the backdrop of problems due to a whole period of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. Iraqi President Saddam Hussein ordered the invasion of Kuwait in 1990 and its impact is pushing Iraq to Kuwait debts worth billions of dollars. debt consists of Kuwait to Iraq of the losses suffered by the oil sector in Kuwait in addition to the losses suffered by the government ministries and buildings during the invasion of Iraq. Baghdad says that the continued subordination of Iraq to Chapter VII, "restricts the country and affect its independence." The two sides reached Iraq andKuwait during the visit of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki of Kuwait on 14 March for a deal worth $ 500 million to settle the debt back to the Gulf War was to prevent Iraqi Airways of conduct trips to the West. The agreement by Iraq to pay $ 300 million in cash to Kuwait to be invested another $ 200 million in airline Kuwaiti-Iraqi operation in return stop Kuwait legal action against Iraqi Airways. said the Transport Ministry earlier this month that a meeting was soon held between the Iraqi - Kuwait headed by the Foreign Ministers of both countries to give effect to the agreement signed last month on the establishment of the joint venture. Maliki said in a statement issued by his office the media Sunday during his meeting with Kuwaiti delegation in Baghdad, headed by the Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sabah Al-Khalid Al-Sabah that he should be "open prospects for cooperation and exchange of visits the official and popular levels "between the two countries. Kuwait rejected the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII of the UN Security Council until the fulfillment of its obligations owed ​​with respect to three files is the issue of missing Kuwaitis and archives as well as the issue of border demarcation between the two countries. visiting Kuwaiti delegation of Iraq to promote the rapprochement seemed evident after the Arab summit hosted by Baghdad in late March last, which was attended by the Emir of Kuwait in person for the first time in two decades. The delegation - along with the Minister of Foreign Affairs - Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Mustafa Al-Shamali and Oil Minister Hani Abdel-Aziz and the Minister of Transport Mr. Salem Aladana.Maliki said that he must also be "activating economic activity and investment between the two countries." and expressed the Iraqi prime minister was optimistic as "the results of the High Joint Committee between Iraq and Kuwait as to promote relations between the two countries." The Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, from the least neighboring countries that reside on the territory Iraqi community as compared to both Syria and Jordan .saw the diplomatic relations between Iraq and Kuwait tension high on the differences already exist since the invasion in 1990, but intensified after the start the Kuwaiti side to build the port says about the Iraqis that would lead to the narrowing of the waterway for their country.said Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sabah Al-Khalid Al-Sabah "We came and Parvguetna team of ministers and specialists in order to make progress in all areas ", stressing his country's readiness to resolve all the issues on the agenda.The morning that "the Kuwaiti delegation has the support of a large by the Emir of Kuwait and the Prime Minister and that he has tendencies need to find solutions to all problems." .Analysts say that he can Joint Committee between the two countries to influence the decision to be taken by the UN Security Council in June next on the possibility of the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII. and the UN Security Council has decided to mid-January, a unanimous vote on three resolutions concerning the lifting of the ban on Iraq on the import of nuclear material for peaceful purposes and cancel the oil for food program. also extended immunity for damages that were imposed by the seventh item to the end of June next. The Iraqi government says that the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII, which will be introduced in June next to the Security Council depends on the stance of Kuwait to the three important files is the issue of missing Kuwaitis and archives as well as the border between the two .