The MP said the Kurdistan happy Khoshnaw our coalition, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki will be binding on the implementation of what will be an agreement between the four leaders (Talabani, Barzani Alsdrklari), confirming that in the event of failure to implement what will be agreed upon will pay the rest of the blocks to the withdrawal of confidence with him.He Khoshnaw (of the Agency news) on Saturday: that Maliki would be binding as be issued by the Quartet meeting, the fact that the meeting is the most important leaders of the country they represent the Iraqi people, adding that the meeting will help to ease tensions between the blocks, and opens the door to resolving the crisis, so Maliki to implement what will be with him without delay or "procrastination".He pointed out: that (Talabani and Barzani, chest and Allawi) with a resolution of the crisis and move the country to safety, and Maliki has to be the other person supporting them and working executive to resolve the crisis, warning that failure to implement what will be released from the agreement because it will pay the rest of the political blocs to serious withdrawal confidence in the Prime Minister.The four leaders began their meeting before noon today at the residence of President Talabani in Arbil, to develop a national program in which you can solve the crisis.