Euphrates satellite channel publishes terms of Erbil 4/29
Site Euphrates satellite channel published the terms of the Irbil, under which the government was Tkachil

The Convention on Arbil, the foundation which was formed Iraqi government, which after the agreement between the prime values ​​of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, the head of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki and the existing Iraqi President Iyad Allawi, to form a government headed by Nuri al-Maliki, assigned to the three members of a convention full called the Convention on the Arbil They are Rose Nuri Shaways representative of the Kurdistan Alliance and Hassan Sinead, representative of the National Alliance and Salman Jumaili representative of the Iraqi List.
But the atmosphere of this agreement for a major controversy has been the exchange of accusations between Iraq and the rule of law, as the Iraqi says that the agreement had not been implemented with state law says that the agreement is fully implemented its provisions except for a few paragraphs.

And demanded that the religious authority yesterday, represented by Mr. Ahmed Bokelha net publishing agreement with Erbil revealed the head of the Kurdistan Alliance Fouad Masum, the day of the Firat News that he will disseminate the Convention and that there was no state secret agreements in it.

The following is the text of the nine items:
The first axis / administrative and financial side:
1 - concession members: a review of laws on the Privileges members and replace them (rights, wages, protections, retirement, financial and administrative powers).
2 - the reform of the parliamentary circle: in order to strengthen its staff are its responsibility in creating the laws of the legislation and follow the laws of the various committees within a specific timeframe and not to neglect the laws provided on the form of a draft or proposed law to and from the Council.
The second axis / legislation and laws:
1 - re-formation of a committee of constitutional amendments: to ensure the genuine participation of all the winning blocs in this committee and completion of agreed amendments.
2 - the time limit of the legislation: Develop the timeframe for the legislation of all laws which outlined the constitution, its legislation, but did not proceed and that is done in coordination between the department of parliamentary and legal committee and the parliamentary committees concerned on the one hand and the Presidency of the Council and the political blocs on the other, according to precedence and priority to the following:
- Law of the Federal Court
- Oil and Gas Law
- Law of National Reconciliation
- Law of organization of the security services
- Law of parties
- Law of the Federation Council
- The election law
- Law of the Electoral Commission
- Law of Media Network
- Law of the Integrity Commission
- Law of Inspectors General
- Law Office of Financial Supervision
- Law of body balance
- Law of Federal Income
- Law of the executive branch
- Law of the press and the protection of journalists
3 - the formation of the permanent parliamentary committees: the distribution and chaired Naaptha and decisions according to the elections and the constitutional balance.
The third axis / supervisory role
1 - Activating the link independent bodies House of Representatives: According to the Constitution (the Integrity Commission, Board of Supreme Audit, Network Information, Communications and Media Authority), according to the Federal Court decision.
2 - and an end to address the issue of liability or official position of Acting (Minister of Agency, Chief, and Under Secretary of ..., etc.) within three months from the beginning of the House of Representatives, while ensuring the constitutional balance.
3 - Activating the role of different media as the fourth power and the enactment of the journalism and law to protect journalists.
4 - Develop a clear mechanism and agreed to call and question members of the executive branch and not to leave that for the interpretation of the presidency.