M P : Any weapons purchase signed by Kurdistan region unilaterally would bring the authority of the region into violation of Law .
27/04/2012 15:31:00
Baghdad / NINA /-- MP, Sadiq al-Labban for the State of Law coalition headed by P.M , al-Maliki said : "any attempt by the presidency of Kurdistan region to conclude deals to buy weapons without the approval of the federal government would bring the region into a violation of the law.

He added in a statement to NINA : "The question of arming is of the federal government jurisdiction stressing that Baghdad government sole who control and guide this file , and that's what accepted by all countries of the world that Iraq is a federal state .

It's noteworthy in this context to mention that M P ,Saad Mottalibi of the SL announced earlier that the federal government has a list of kinds of weapons requested by President of Kurdistan region Masoud Barzani purchased from European countries. / End