Friday, April 27, 2012 11:52
Osman ruled the parties reach an agreement and things are on their way to the crisis more

BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / .. attacked the independent MP from the Kurdistan Alliance, Mahmoud Othman, political blocs, accusing it of working for their interests at the expense of public interest

Unlikely leaders of the blocks to reach any agreements that would save the political process.Osman said in an interview / Baghdadiya News / "I do not think that the leaders can be crossed critical stage with the political process, with great regret they are not interested in the public interest and Aaharon responsibility must also prefer their personal interests to the interests of the country and for this I am a Aatvaúl the possibility of resolving differences between the blocks political, Alamursttakd more because they Aaharon seriousness of the stage. "
Osman pointed out that foreign intervention played a role in aggravating the situation and said, "There are countries of interfering in internal Iraqi affairs, including Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the other as well as America and I think that things in their way, but no crisis of détente."
He was Vice President of the Republic Khodair al, had announced last Tuesday that the Preparatory Committee for the meeting the national met without the presence of representatives of the Iraqi List and discussed the papers presented in the previous meetings, referring to mandated representatives of the National Alliance, the organization of work schedule proposal will then present to the members of the Preparatory Committee for the show notes for submission after agreement by the President of the Republic to determine the date of the upcoming national meeting.