Kurds are pressing Maliki to mobilize support for a withdrawal of confidence from his government

Solution / follow-up
Quicken Kurdish regional President Massoud Barzani of the steps escalating towards Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to rally support for the Arab and Kurdish in his battle with al-Maliki to develop a position of pressure on the latter leading to the withdrawal of confidence from his government.
and even up Barzani to the position which is supported in his battle with al-Maliki met with his ally, President Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and President Jalal Talabani in Erbil, according to Kurdish sources of high-level, the meeting was important in resolving the positions of Talabani to the political crisis, the current Iraqi general, and the position of the dispute between Barzani and Maliki in particular.

meeting which took place in the new headquarters of Talabani in Erbil, like Republican Palace in Baghdad focused on identifying the position of Talabani of withdrawal of confidence from Maliki or not, according to the source, the Barzani concern of the situation is not clear from this case and that he sought to know explicitly to take his move later, especially since the Barzani wanted to know the position of Talabani, you will be with Kurdistan and democracy in Iraq, or with al-Maliki 'as described by the source, revealing that' Barzani rejects any mediation or dialogue with al-Maliki as a waste of time.
and was President of the Republic has succeeded in his residence Bdukan in Sulaymaniyah by more than two years in the collection of Barzani and Maliki in a meeting witnessed the return of water to streams relationship that had soured the time between Arbil and Baghdad.

Not only did the Barzani to obtain the support of his ally, Talabani, in his battle with al-Maliki, but called on the leaders and senior politicians and heads of parliamentary blocs to hold a consultative meeting in Irbil, including the leader of Sadr Muqtada al-Sadr.
explained the source of a Kurdish call for a meeting consultation to resolve the Iraqi crisis in Arbil as an attempt to derail the Baghdad meeting of leaders of political blocs, which did not work of the Preparatory Committee so far in the agreement on its agenda.
The head of the Liberal representative of the Sadrist movement Bahaa al-Araji, the head of the province invited the Liberal block, and we welcomed them, and as long as part of the coalition national, who leads the government will take the appropriate decision to attend the meeting and especially that he was hurt toward overcome the political crisis.
coincided moves Kurdish with mounting calls for the withdrawal of the confidence of the Maliki government, where waved the Kurdistan Alliance, the option of resorting to withdraw confidence from the government of Nouri al-Maliki in the event of the failure of efforts to contain the political crisis, which erupted in the country since the end of last year.

For his part, the coalition of 'Iraqi' quest for a deal with the Kurdish forces to withdraw confidence from the government, to develop a position in this direction to ensure the success of the political process, and save the country from the dangers of entering into a dark tunnel as described

and confirmed in a statement I've got contacts and consultations with the forces and activities of political influence for the purpose of unifying the positions to stand against any attempt to impose the domination of one party over the government at the expense of another, and the option of no-confidence is not unlikely at the present time and can be taken in the event of continuing political crisis, it is important to achieve a meeting of leaders of the country to overcome the political problems, which negatively affected, even in government performance