Emirati newspaper: the unity of Iraq at grave risk and has become a national meeting in the wind

26/04/2012 PM - 5:20 PM | Hits: 9


UAE newspaper focused on the statement in an editorial today, the Iraqi situation, indicating that the crisis has become a national meeting in the wind.

The newspaper reported in its article number today that differences still remain between the various parties to the political equation in Iraq is greatest, and still the charges are thrown here and there, at a time waiting for the Iraqi people, who lived more than eight years under the shadow of American occupation, the fruit out the invaders of its territory to recover security and improved living and start development in the entire country.

She said that "the rosy dreams of the Iraqi people did not find the way the temple to the ground due to political differences that are waiting savior« National Conference », which says the facts that take place is in the wind, based on the package differences are still plaguing the people of politics, who have not yet reached points of convergence driven by the consensus, and push Iraq toward the right track. "

The newspaper added, "no doubt that the scene in Iraq is passing through the developments that did not give birth until now only more of the differences and divisions, as has become the unity of Iraq in danger because of the reluctance to find exits to the crisis, is imposed on the outskirts of the equation to make concessions to serve the political consensus and out of Iraq Jeb, who is threatened by disintegration. "

It showed that the international community is also located a major responsibility to encourage and assist Iraqi leaders to overcome their differences, but this is not to provide support in various forms, and help the government waiting for a long journey and hard work, to move forward to achieve the hopes of the Iraqi people.

She said the Iraqis have long suffered from a lack of security, both during the U.S. occupation or after leaving, and that they have to taste the blessings of security, and will not come this definitely only by building the institutions of security and economic ties lay the foundations of security and stability we seek, in a country that God has given the date above the visible earth and its interior.

She said that Iraqi leaders have tried the dispute did not reap nothing but chaff, and that they have to try compatibility and convergence at all that serves the interests of Iraq and its people, and perhaps many points of convergence, if put in mind the interest of the country, and hopes of his people above all else