US State Department spokesman Mark Toner

Washington: the agreement with Russia is still intact in Syria, despite sporadic violence

Roudao - Erbil The US State Department confirmed that the agreement reached with Russia on ending the conflict in Syria to remain cohesive despite "the events of sporadic violence" in the country.
He said US State Department spokesman, Mark Toner, said Tuesday: "We have seen some reports of sporadic violence, but arrangements (ceasefire) in general, seem coherent, and the violence is less compared to the last days and weeks."

He noted Toner, that his country is considering reports of the occurrence of violations of the Cease-fire Agreement in Syria, "to see who is responsible for them, and if they (the allegations) breach of legitimate or not."

He Toner, in the summary press the US State Department, held in Washington DC: "Once we get to that stage (stop violence inside Syria for 7 consecutive days), then the start of air strikes in coordination with Russia against the Front victory, strategy and very calculated way."
This was Turner explains, how long countries will need to activate the "Joint Implementation Center", a unit responsible for ensuring the commitment of all parties to the agreement reached by the United States and Russia to end the violence in Syria.

It includes the initial objectives of the agreement to allow humanitarian aid to besieged areas, and the implementation of joint Russian-American military operations against the "radical groups" that are not covered by the agreement, and their regulatory "Daesh" arrival, and "open-Sham."