You know ... the most important reasons that prevent the independence of Kurdistan at the moment

Free event ...
He saw the Vice President of the Kurdistan Regional Government and the leadership of the Union PUK, inhibited, we should not talk about independence The province at a time when the smell of high political elites which smell Administrative fission, in addition to the lack of a uniform crossings between Erbil and Sulaymaniyah. He wrote Talabani on his page on the social networking site Facebook, published under the title "time finding prohibitive for the independence of Kurdistan," and seen by the "free event" that "the Kurds because they can not resolve the internal political and administrative problems, how they can agree on the issue of a fateful such as independence?". Talabani pointed out that "the region is still at the beginning of the road in order to make friends and financial support in order to achieve the right to independence, so it is not possible to burn down this card at the global level easily." "It needed to be to make the declaration of independence and opportunity carnival at the international level for the birth of a new nation, not fabricating problems The tense situation in the Middle East already so full of heart. " He stressed that "the access road to the independence of a large target can not be making a hasty decision on it, because the region is not fit at the domestic level and the outside, so it requires more time and work." And that "recognizes the facts time to prevent the independence of Kurdistan does not give in
Barriers nor Nenkvo, but we want to reduce the barriers to the lowest extent possible and control them. "