BAGHDAD (Iba) A source for the early start-Maliki serious moves to form a majority government after the National Conference to be held at the invitation of President Jalal Talabani.

The source, who asked not to be named, told the independent press (Iba) that Maliki and won the confidence of the National Alliance and support seeks to form a government that includes in addition to the Alliance a number of small blocks in the House is the center, and Iraqi white, Iraqi and free, in addition to mass change the Kurdish opposition.

It is expected that al-Maliki had no difficulty in forming a government majority in the absence of Iraq and the Kurdistan Alliance in the case of failure of the National Congress, especially after the confirmation of the Sadrist movement to support him.

The source revealed that the mass of citizens opposed to this trend, especially after the attempt to dismiss Secretary of Baghdad, Sabir al-Issawi from his post, which is the only position in the government remaining in possession of the Supreme Islamic Council, which is feared to be interpreted in agreement with the Sadrists to Maliki in the event of dismissal of al-Issawi.