A direct warning from Clinton to Iran: Do not interfere in Iraq and we will keep a strong presence in the region

10/22/2011 | (Voice of Iraq) - Sumerian News / Beirut and sent Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Saturday, a veiled warning to Iran not to seek to intervene in Iraqi affairs, a day after confirmation of President Barack Obama, the U.S. military withdrawal from Iraq the end of the year. The Hleri Clinton on the sidelines of her visit to Dushanbe, "When we open this new chapter of relations with a sovereign Iraq, telling the Iraqis, the United States to your side when you step a new confirmation of your democracy." and U.S. President Barack Obama on Friday, he will pull about 39 000 troops are still stationed in Iraq by the end of 2011 the current, after almost nine years to enter the U.S. to Iraq, which killed more than 4,400 American soldiers, criticized the American right decision, saying it would increase Iran's influence in this country. She U.S. Secretary of State, "we say to the countries of the region, especially to the neighbors of Iraq, that America would stand by its allies and friends, including Iraq, to defend our security and our common interests," adding that her country "will remain a strong presence in the region as evidence of its continued commitment toward Iraq and the future of this region, which is rich in much of hope and necessary to preserve them from external influences to follow the path towards democracy. " said Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in an interview on Saturday, with the station "CNN" American, that the confirmation of President Barack Obama to withdraw U.S. military from Iraq in end of the year "is good," and expressed his belief that "will lead to a change in relations between Tehran and Baghdad" (did not specify the type.) responded Iranian President about the possibility that his country is training the Iraqi army after the withdrawal of U.S. troops by saying that "the Iraqi government is an independent, which take decision on how to train its forces, "adding that" We have historical ties and friendly and strong with Iraq in all fields, as well as the excellent relations between the peoples of the two countries In this sense we say that relations between Iran and Iraq is a special relationship at the international level. " Iran has taken position well thought out too during the American intervention in 2003 which eliminated the regime of President Saddam Hussein, the main enemy, and brought to power Shiite majority in the country, but quickly demanded the withdrawal of U.S. forces, accusing them of forming an element of tension in the region, and also demand for the same reasons the withdrawal of U.S. forces in the Gulf, and Western troops in Afghanistan. The United States accuses Iran of backing armed groups in Iraq has launched attacks against U.S. forces, in addition to supporting organizations and currents loyal to its policy.