Iraq: our options after the failure of the National Congress for early elections or nominate a replacement for al-Maliki

Ali Abdullah - 25/04/2012 m - 5:20 PM | Hits: 23

Between the Iraqi List MP Qusay Juma said that in the Options menu in the event of inability to access the National Congress to address problems in the first of an early election or nomination of the National Alliance alternative to Maliki until the end of the current stage.

Juma and the newspaper's "electronic integrity", said on Tuesday that the option to suspend its membership list is on the table in the previous time, noting that he already has commented that the list of membership and the call to put the initiative of the National Congress.

He said he hopes that does not worsen the political situation in the country, adding that dialogue and understanding between the political forces is the only way to get out of the current crisis.
and stressing that the list will be the largest step of the suspension of its membership in the House of Representatives in the future.