Source: Preparatory Committee meeting today at the home of five in the afternoon Khuzaie

On: Tuesday 24/04/2012 12:49

Baghdad / WAP /
said a source familiar with the meeting of the Preparatory Committee will be held at five o'clock this afternoon Allathae the home of Vice President of the Republic Khodair al.
He told Baghdad International / WAP / Day: "I have not yet been notified Khuzaie or other representatives of the political blocs not to attend any party to a meeting today. " is scheduled to hold the preparatory committee meeting today attended by all the political blocs, but the spokesman for the Iraqi list Maysoon al announced today that the / Iraq / will not attend the preparatory meeting today. She said the proliferation of meetings and the agreement in each of them on certain matters are rolled back them at a later time, has made ​​the Iraqi List, does not see any justification to continue in such a meeting is intended to only procrastinate and procrastinate and waste time without achieving any changes serve the Iraqi people or working to achieve true national partnership. " she added Damluji: "The / Iraq / will in order to hold consultative meetings with other political blocs to be mainly deal in solving the problems and crises in which we consider that its survival would have returns negatively on the Iraqi people more than it is now, which is expected from politicians to meet their responsibilities. " The head of the parliamentary bloc, the Iraqi list Salman Jumaili said / Iraq / will not deal with the call against her on the meeting of the preparatory committee leading up to the meeting of the National. He explained that the Iraqi List, will not deal with this call for the conviction that this meeting is a waste of time and is intended to procrastination does not is. " and called Jumaili political parties to fulfill their obligations under the agreements between the political forces and begin implementation before looking to hold meetings of a new purpose and a clear, he says. He pointed out that the Iraqi List, currently being consulted with some political forces to search for a new path to resolve the political crisis of the list.