Iyad Allawi, the Iraqi resolve the situation: there will be a national meeting
Monday, April 23 / April 2012 23:35

[Baghdad - where]Tradition-based leader said Iyad Allawi, that the National Congress has become a laughing stock and there will be a national meeting.He was Vice President of the Republic Khudair Khuzaie called the Preparatory Committee for the national meeting to hold a meeting at five o'clock on the afternoon of Tuesday.The president of the bloc of the Iraqi list Salman Jumaili today that Iraq will not deal with the call against her on the meeting of the Preparatory Committee for the meeting paved the NationalAllawi said in a television interview with Al-Hurra, "said al-Maliki was actually in good faith when it was put to the decisions contained in the Convention of Arbil." He said, "there must be a genuine consultation between the political forces to get to know a way to reach a stable situation which is safe and we moved it for him and we fought and we were unharmed great when we were in opposition."On the modern Kurdistan leader Massoud Barzani and his attack on al-Maliki, Allawi said, "The brother Massoud did not attack, but spoke of the approach is unique and this is what I talked him and this is spoken of by Sayyed Muqtada al-Sadr, and this occurs it is also the Muslim Council, there is a consensus that there are unique in the development of governance in Iraq, there is a move away from the national partnership and there is a crisis as a result of this behavior, and this crisis must end and we must build and establish an Iraq that includes everyone and all are partners in this one nation. "/ End