Rahimi assure the owners that if united Iraq with Iran Vciecclan a major world power?
Palm - First Deputy Chairman of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mohammad Reza Rahimi, during his meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki that Iraq and Iran if they were joined fully, they "will form a major world power," saying that the two peoples ties with "unique", while Maliki reiterated the importance of developing relations on the basis of bilateral peace, stability and common interests.

Rahimi said in an interview during a meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Sunday that relations between the two governments and peoples of Iran and Iraq a strong and unique, pointing at the same time that people are exposed to plots at the international level because of their beliefs and their goals.

Rahimi and that the Union between Iraq and Iran fully Sajolhma constitute a large force at the global level, stressing the need for Iran and Iraq more steps and speed up the implementation of previous agreements signed between the two countries.

Rahimi and expressed the hope that the cringe obstacles that prevent the development of relations between Tehran and Baghdad as soon as possible, indicating that the rail link and cooperation in the field of oil and transit trade between the two countries is one of the important areas for the expansion of bilateral economic relations.

For his part, stressed Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on the importance of development of bilateral relations based on peace, stability and common interests, pointing out that relations between the two countries have the required level at the political level.

Maliki confirmed the need to bring a major development in relations between Tehran and Baghdad, and that there is a determination of significant events of a major development in the relations, pointing out that Iran and Iraq, common goals, and there is a need to complete the previous agreements and raise the level of cooperation in various fields including energy, oil, infrastructure and trade.

The statements Rahimi is the first of its kind issued by the Iranian official calls to the perfect unity between the two countries, the first call in the history of Iraq issued by non-Arab countries; if initiated some Arab countries, including Egypt and Syria to calls for union with Iraq during the sixties and seventies of last century, but It's all been unsuccessful.

Arrived in the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Sunday (April 22, 2012), to Tehran on an official visit, and the last visit of the owners to Iran in October 2010, part of a tour of a number of regional countries, including Syria, Jordan and Turkey.