Congress in response agree that the Constitution is the rule between the province and the federal government

23/04/2012 19:15

Erbil, April 23 (Rn) - The number of members of parliament of the Kurdistan region of Iraq and their views on the current situation through which Iraq and the current crisis between the province and the federal government.

The MP said Salar Mahmud of Kurdistan list, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) "We in the Kurdistan region we need to unite to solve the outstanding problems between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government and we see the constitutional and legal solution is the best solution."

Mahmoud said "We must unite in front of outstanding issues and to the democratic process as well, I guess that there are some people within the federal government believe that the solution is to return to the central government."

He said the Iraqi Constitution states that "Iraq is a federal state federal powers should be divided between the province and the provinces under the Constitution, and any retreat from the constitutional principles in Iraq, we we will be in a dangerous situation because the situation of crisis in Iraq and we have many problems."

Mahmoud said that "the more the people of Kurdistan said yes to the constitution of Iraq, Iraq's federal democratic and federal constitution, a guarantor of the rights of the Kurdish people and any constitutional violation will affect the confidence between the political forces, I think that raised the issue of a Kurdish state in the political framework of the broad is not a serious dialogue but for the people is One of the initial ambitions. and the Kurdish people has the right, like the state in the Persian or Arabic to be a Kurdish state, but the current reality, I think, is ready for that. "

Mahmoud said that the regional countries and the region and even within Iraq to support the current situation in the region, prosperity and reconstruction and democratic openness and support within the framework of a federal Iraq and federal.

For his part, MP Omar Nour Chairman of the Religious Education Committee in the province of Kurdistan, said "the political process in Iraq is already in trouble and Astmrah will create challenges to the higher interest in the province of Kurdistan."

He said religious light, "we have to follow things in Baghdad if Iraq remained a democratic state and federal, and that the Iraqi government is committed to the Constitution and equal participation in power and a just distribution of wealth, there is no problematic."

He expressed his concern that "the return of Iraq to dictatorship can not keep it united," noting that the announcement of a Kurdish state and self-determination and legitimate legal right to the people of Kurdistan, but we will continue in the political process in Iraq, a condition compliance with the Constitution. "

For his part, said Furman MP Izz al-Din of the mass change that "all Kurdish blocs agreed to resolve the outstanding problems between the province and the center and should not be prolonged more for its impact on the general situation in Iraq."

The MP said the birthmark birthmark Said Ali of the mass of the Kurdistan Islamic Union that "our position is one with the Kurdish blocs on the legitimate and legal rights of the Kurdish people as enshrined in the Constitution of Iraq."

Rejecting the remarks of racism, chauvinism and divide the Iraqi people "and ignite the fire of sedition among the Iraqi people we are against it."
And spin differences between the three blocks is president of the National Alliance and the Kurdistan Alliance and the coalition in Iraq on the management of the state plus its agreements and the issues of Arbil Hashemi and al-Mutlaq.

Differences have been added recently the federal government with the Kurdistan Regional Government, especially the issue of management of oil wealth, which prompted the latter to stop the export of oil.

And attacked the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy, Hussain al-Shahristani's decision to stop the export was charged with the Vice-response officials in the federal government smuggled oil to Israel via the Jordanian territory.