Abadi agrees on the territory's handover of Kirkuk


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The Iraqi Government agreed with the KRG to export and sell Kirkuk through a pipeline to Turkey.

As its fevers press reports said Wednesday, citing sources close to the Kurdish delegation to Baghdad, the territorial Government delegation, headed by Barzani-during his visit Monday to Baghdad, agreed with the Prime Minister Haider Abadi, 150, 000 barrels of oil export from Baba gurgur fields and Baker, by the territorial Government through a pipeline to the Turkish port of Ceyhan.

The sources added that the two sides agreed to sell 75 thousand barrels of Kirkuk by Iraqi oil Ministry, 75 a barrel by the Ministry of natural resources in the territorial Government.

Illustrator, Member of the political Bureau of the PUK, Hiro Ibrahim Ahmed, had been ordered from a decision to stop the fight to export oil from Kirkuk by pipeline Kurdistan to Turkey.

Sources close to the Kurdish delegation, that international parties are watching the political process in Iraq, stand against selling Kirkuk through tanks, so this new agreement was reached between the territorial Government and the Iraqi Government.

According to sources, that Baghdad committed to send salaries Kirkuk who was paying them earlier, with the territorial Government to pay salaries of security institutions and two fighters in Kirkuk.

And NOC had stopped pumping oil from Kirkuk over pipeline reaching Turkey, the decision of Prime Minister Haider Abadi, because mounting differences with Kurdistan.

Government delegation visited the Kurdistan region Barzani Monday-headed to Baghdad to discuss the Edit process and relations with the Centre.

The territory's Government to export oil from the Kirkuk fields controlled by two forces and other fields in the region through the Turkish port of Ceyhan independently against the wishes of the Federal Government.

Baghdad and Erbil has reached the end of 2014, whereby the territory handed over 250 thousand barrels of oil, 300, 000 barrels of Erbil and Kirkuk, contested, meet federal budget delivered a full share of 17 percent.