Othman accused ExxonMobil b "fuelling" conflict between Baghdad and Erbil

Monday 23 April 2012 14: 02 GMT

Leadership in the Kurdistan Alliance Mahmoud Osman

Alsumaria news/Baghdad
Leading Kurdistan Alliance accused Mahmud Osman, Monday, US oil company ExxonMobil "fuelling the conflict" between the Central Government and the Kurdistan region, confirmed that the company plays two roles simultaneously.

Mahmoud Othman said in an interview for "alsumaria news", "the US oil company ExxonMobil simultaneously play two roles, stating that it" is "Kurdistan adhering to contracts signed by Baghdad and assures freeze those contracts."

Osman criticized the "duplication" company said its b "fuelling the conflict between Baghdad and Erbil".

He was President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani confirmed, Iraq on Monday, (23 April) that ExxonMobil would not abandon its contract with Iraq Kurdistan, and consider that the giant us company equivalent importance "ten military teams," if they came to the region "will not leave easily."

The Iraqi oil Ministry said in (19 April 2012), except for Exxon Mobil fourth-round investment of oil and gas fields, after global oil company outing 47 to compete in the tour.

US company comes out of the fourth round of licensing as a fallout of the oil agreement signed between the Iraq Kurdistan in autumn 2011 invest six oilfields there, which were rejected by Baghdad and viewed it as illegal, and the impact of the company's work with Gert Baghdad, further contracting with the territory, and then returned to the Iraqi Government and announced the beginning of April, that Exxon Mobil confirmed that it had decided to freeze its contract with the province which was denied by the Presidency of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, which the US had confirmed its agreement with the company.

Reference is made to the oil Ministry had warned ExxonMobil earlier held three letters signed with the dissolution earlier to develop West Qurna field in Basra if adhering to contracts of Kurdistan.

There is a long dispute between the Central Government in Baghdad and the Government of the semi-autonomous Kurdish region on oil fields in the North, and Baghdad signed contracts between the territorial Government and the illegal global oil companies, he also warned the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs Hussain Shahristani in December 2011 any oil contract does not meet with the approval of the Central Government is not considered valid, adding that foreign firms are not entitled to work on Iraqi territory without its consent.