Qasim al-araji: Iraq will be armed with all the weapons ... Washington contracting with the Iraqi Government and not with Barzani

Date: Monday, 23-04-2012 12: 54 pm

Baghdad (newsletter) ...Head of the Badr organization block Deputy Parliamentary/Qasem Al-araji, National Alliance, the u.s. Contracting with the Iraqi Government and not with Massoud Barzani, on arming Iraq by airplane.
In a statement, said Al-araji (News Agency news) Monday: President's remarks Kurdistan Massoud Barzani and spastic interactive do not serve the political process and the democratic experiment in Iraq, stating: these statements are not encouraging nor conducive to the holding of the National Conference, and stresses that much remained to be done to solve the problems.
National Deputy added: we don't know what the guarantees given to Barzani by America, and Washington contracting with the Federal Government and not with the territory, stressing that Iraq be weaponization by America of all weapons and armaments will be the competence of the Federal Government and not the jurisdiction of the province or territory.
And the change in Iraq, said Al-araji: US official stated that answer on this, it includes: any change in Iraq must be through the ballot boxes.
He was President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani, has recently launched an attack on Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, saying: he did not commit to any promise for Kurds, indicating at the same time that the territory that it refuses to recognize informed Washington of the F16 aircraft as long as Maliki in power.
Comes word of the President of the province, after a tour of several European countries and the USA, and seal tour in Turkey when meeting with senior Turkish officials and Vice President Tariq al-Hashimi./finished/7 l. Eng.