Action Committee to coordinate with the Consultative Council to raise the standard of living


BAGHDAD / JD / .. The Committee on Labour and meetings, regular meetings with the Council of State to enact laws in order to raise living standards and economic situation in the country. A member of the Committee Kazem Al Shammari's / JD / "The Working Committee has coordinated with the State Council in charge of the legal sovereignty of the laws in order to accelerate the legislation of laws to help improve the standard of living and economic situation in Iraq." Shammari said, "It also follows the stages that they made the laws of social welfare that are working on the Council of State in addition to providing us with the laws that brought them to the Council of Ministers." Shammari promised to coordinate with the State Council "as significant too," noting that "the meetings of the Committee work with the Consultative Council will be periodically as agreed between the parties the Commission and the Council." A member of the Committee on Labor and Social Affairs parliamentary "It is the responsibility of the government and the State Council and the Committee on Labour and political forces promoting quality of life for the Iraqi people and the progress of the country Maashiya and economically in the world." / Ended / 11 n