Barzani: Kurdistan is in danger and I will start consultation with Talabani and Kurdish parties on independence
Editor: GS | NK Monday, 23 نيسان 2012 09:18 GMT
Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani

Head of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, Massoud Barzani, on Monday, it will begin consultation with President Jalal Talabani and the Kurdish parties to discuss the issue of "independence" of Kurdistan because it is in great danger, stressing that if it was necessary to sacrifice blood is better to be "for Independence not for federalism. said Massoud Barzani, in a press statement, said he was "great danger for the future of Kurdistan," stressing its intention to "initiate consultation with President Jalal Talabani and the parties of Kurdish and other Iraqi on independence and out of the current crisis." said Barzani, "I am not baptized fabrication of crisis, but spoke about the crisis there has not been touched since six years, "adding that" the time has come to resolve this matter in a specific direction after that we waited a long time. " The Barzani, for his pride to "stand up against any internal fighting in Kurdistan," adding that "When forced the Kurdish people to sacrifice the blood must be for independence this time and not for the federal." He was President Jalal Talabani said in (April 17, 2012), that the secession of the Kurds in an independent state is not possible at the present time, urged the young Kurdish enthusiast to declare a Kurdish state to be realistic and supports a federal Iraq rather than separation. The leadership of the Patriotic Union led by Talabani Ala Talabani confirmed in (April 15, 2012), that the Kurds are looking for local support and international in order to create a state of their own, as she noted that they would welcome this in the event helped Washington in this direction, denied the existence of the program with the Kurdish parties at this time to establish that State. and picked up media reports it to the United States asked Turkey to recognize the state Kurdish, because it's in their interest, and that Turkey might agree to this request for certain conditions. emphasizes senior officials in the Kurdistan region, particularly the Kurdish regional president Massoud Barzani has repeatedly their willingness to cooperate with Ankara, to reach a final solution to the Kurdish issue in Turkey. The Head of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, Massoud Barzani, in (April 12, 2012), his attack on Prime Minister Nuri al- Maliki, saying that Iraq is heading to the "dictatorship", as he emphasized that self-determination for the Kurds will be the only option in the absence of Baghdad's cooperation with the region to solve problems. called on Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, in (April 17, 2012), the Kurdish people to beware of irresponsible statements in order to stay enjoy the wealth of his country, saying that the launch of the statements convulsive do not come well for all the Iraqi people, warned against some of the tone of incitement to resort to in an attempt to incite people against each other, or induction of the Party National against the other through the distortion of words and removed from the context. and escalated disputes between the political blocs when shifted from the different Iraqi rule of law to the difference in the latter with the Kurdistan Alliance, too, after the new President of Iraqi Kurdistan Massoud Barzani (April 6, 2012), during his visit to the United States attack against the central government in Baghdad and accused her of derogation of the promises and commitments, while stressing that the Kurds would not accept in any way to be positions and powers, however, one person, "leading the army two million." The Kurds are they bent on the establishment of the Republic of Mahabad in the far north west of Iran around the city of Mahabad which was its capital, The mini-state short-lived is not recognized internationally backed Sovyitia republic Kurdish established in 1946 and contributed to doing alliance Qazi Mohammed with Mullah Mustafa Barzani, but pressure from the Shah to the United States, which pressed turn on the Soviet Union was enough to the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Iranian territory and the Iranian government to drop the Republic of Mahabad after 11 months of the announcement and the execution of Judge Mohammed on March 31, 1947 in a public square in the city of Mahabad and Mustafa Barzani fled with a group of fighters from the region.