A source reveals details of a meeting of the National Alliance and the last seven conditions for the renewal of confidence in Maliki

MONDAY, APRIL 23 / APRIL 2012 10:27

Twilight News / source revealed in the National Alliance, on Monday, that the coalition put conditions for the support and entrusting the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and his government the most prominent non-interference in the affairs of independent bodies, and maintain the government of national partnership, non-exclusivity rule.The source, who asked not to be named to the sensitivity of the information for "Twilight News","blocks were part of the National Alliance decided at its last meeting the day before yesterday to support Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, for a number of conditions."
The source added that "most of the conditions not be linked to the Central Bank of the government, and non-interference in his work, and leave the Electoral Commission for elections to the House of Representatives, and not pressure them."
The source explained that "the National Alliance called for activating the Maliki government of national partnership and non-uniqueness of resolution, resolving disputes and outstanding issues with the other blocs participating in the political process."
The source added that "al-Maliki had agreed to all conditions for renewal of confidence in him."
The National Alliance held a meeting, the first on Saturday, announcing the support and entrusting the government of national partnership, headed by Nouri al-Maliki refused to intervene in the internal affairs of Iraq, he emphasized the need to hold a national meeting at the earliest opportunity.
Have emerged recently in the political arena attempts of some blocks to put the idea aside al-Maliki and the nomination of a new figure of the National Alliance - may be the Sadrists -, because of the differences between the blocks, and the charges by the Kurds and Iraqi forces towards the head of state law al-Maliki to create a new dictatorship in Iraq .