Finance Committee: the formation of a committee to study the conservation rate of the dinar


BAGHDAD / JD / .. A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee Haitham Jubouri for a meeting attended by the Committee with the Ministry of Finance and Central Bank on Sunday to form a committee is considering steps to maintain the price of the Iraqi dinar. Jubouri said L / JD / "The Committee had a meeting with the Central Bank and the directors in the Ministry of Finance for the purpose of standing on the most important steps taken by the central bank to get rid of price volatility in the currency of Iraq." The Jubouri "We will form a joint committee between the central bank and the executive branch of government, especially in the Ministry of Finance in this format so we can take firm steps and re-thought the Iraqi dinar to the economic position." He stressed, "The committee, which will be Sncklha follow-up committee and not to consider steps to achieve the central bank." A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee "The Committee monitors the financial caution and concern the issue of volatility of the Iraqi dinar at this time".