Sunday April 22, 2012
Deputy for the State of Law: National Alliance welcomes all components of all the claims of Talabani calls to resolve the political crisis

BAGHDAD - and babysit -A member of the National Alliance for the rule of law just al-Maliki said all components of the National Alliance welcomes all the claims of President Talabani of ideas and calls to resolve the political crisis. Maliki said in a statement (radio, public opinion): "The President Jalal Talabani is the main sponsor of the initiative launched by that will lead to a national meeting to resolve the political crisis." Adding that the Taliban has always been a race to the introduction of such calls, which is aimed at collection of political parties at the same table to resolve differences. "
Maliki said: "The political differences if they remained on its current state will not be resolved and that the required political blocs show flexibility and compromise on the roofs of their demands present." Adding that the calls launched by the Taliban to resolve the current crisis stems from the concern to maintain the entire political process.
"indicating that the Alliance announced its position on its readiness to solve all problems and discuss the terms of the Arbil not implemented. "