For the second time .. National Alliance fails to hold its regular meeting
On: Saturday 21/04/2012 22:03

Baghdad (news) .. National Alliance decided to postpone the General Assembly meeting of the alliance which was to be held the evening of the day, not to attend the most prominent leaders.
A source at the National Alliance (of the Agency news) on Saturday: The General Authority for the National Alliance has decided to postpone the meeting which was scheduled to take place, this evening, until further notice due to lack of attendance the most prominent leaders of the coalition, without the name.
And was scheduled to include meeting the leaders of the National Alliance to discuss the current political situation and the continuing differences between the political blocs, as well as discuss the current crisis between the central government and Kurdistan Regional Government.
The General Authority for the National Alliance had decided earlier, to postpone the meeting until further notice at the request of some of its leaders.