Minister of labour: I'll knock on the door of every poor to spend his social protection benefit

Sun, 21 Aug 2016 13:06:56

Labor and Social Affairs Minister Mohammad sheyaa that the Ministry surveyed demographically inclusive Iraq, "poor" is the first of its kind in Iraq and countries in the region. "

Sudanese attributed this survey according to the Ministry, "to ascertain the eligibility categories that receive a subsidy for the social protection of those amounts and oust abusers from them in a move observers counted first in Iraq and the region."

And that "the Ministry has made significant achievement in combating poverty through the implementation of the road map designed scientifically designed to alleviate poverty," stating that "the most important step adopted by the Ministry in this area is to implement social protection law number 11 year 2014 adopted field survey for eligible for social protection," pointing out that "the Ministry of labour has initiated a comprehensive survey of the poor, the first in Iraq and the region."

He added that "the process of field survey made social researchers in the gallery during touring areas being conducted surveys on housing whether points farther in Baghdad," adding that "the Ministry started conducting surveys in the poorest areas as poverty map prepared by the Ministry of planning.

He said that "the Ministry continues to make the intersection of data new applicants for social protection of field research are after them," adding that "next time the announcement of the results of social research for former beneficiaries will oust abusers of them from Missouri and granting funds to other beneficiaries eligible for these payments," alluding to that "this action was an effective step to implement the poverty reduction strategy adopted by the Ministry within the context of their work."